Consulting Services

From the big picture to the smallest detail, we understand your technical requirements.

We tailor solutions to your needs, from the big picture to the detail, and offer specialist consultancy. Whether it’s specific product knowledge, general development consultancy, custom application development or application management support, we’ll dive deep to help you out.

Blackfort senior technical team provide technical consulting services specifically in relation to the design and architecture of solutions, including:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Our senior consultants has many years of experience with the design, development and implementation of Enterprise Content Management solutions and can implement solutions that manage the lifecycle of content from creation to expiration, supporting your organisational information and Knowledge management strategies.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions can help your organisation improve its productivity and responsiveness and allow real-time decision-making and actions. Why wait until you return to the office, when you can engage whenever and wherever you are?

Cloud Solutions

By taking advantage of this new wave of application development and moving into the “cloud,” you pay as you go for only what you use. You can save cost and reduce hardware and software overheads. Cloud computing is worth considering for organisations of all sizes. You use shared, pre-installed and implemented infrastructure, which is available anywhere, any time. We can help you guide your organisation through the many options and build your cloud strategy.